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Not long after the Church was acquired, the interior was remodeled to make it a more attractive facility in which to celebrate the Holy Liturgy, and part of that project was the design and building of the Iconostas. It has special meaning here because the wooden structure was designed and laid out by Mr. Nikola Vujnovic, one of the Church’s founding members and most devoted parishioners. And the icons that completed the project were painted by a very talented young artist, Stevan Shapona.


Stevan is the son of Vic Shapona, who painted the original icons and other religious paintings on the walls and domes of the St. John’s Serbian Orthodox Church in San Francisco. Approximately forty years later, after studying numerous publications on iconography and literally hundreds of photographs of famous icons, Stevan, like his father before him, undertook the task of painting the Church icons for Holy Trinity. His work, in the Church that his grandfather helped to establish, adds special significance to our spiritual home.

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