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Class Structure

Children are divided according to their age in the Preschool (3-6years) and School Age group (7-12years old). Dividing the children this way allows us to teach Serbian language and literacy, as well as culture and religion in more productive and age appropriate ways.


Since our goal is to encourage bilingualism and to build a strong foundation of the Serbian language, our older students focus on their reading, writing and speaking practice by exploring Serbian prose and poetry, while the younger ones work on their language skills by singing songs, playing games, and practicing recognizing and writing the Serbian alphabets using various methods. 


With flexible grouping, both groups do get together for certain lessons. Some examples are blending traditional learning (reading poems or books and then having a discussion) with play and art makes learning Serbian more joyful and more efficient.  Our curriculum also embraces some universal values (also recognized as Serbian traditional ones) such as generosity, courage, and kindness.

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