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Sunday School

Holy Trinity Sunday School Mission


In an increasingly unified world, cultural intelligence and language competence is significant for personal growth. Therefore, Holy Trinity Sunday School’s primary goal is to educate children to become communicatively proficient and advance their Serbian language skills. We also work hard on encouraging and strengthening the sense of Serbian heritage, its values and traditions, predominantly amongst children and subsequently their families. Living in such a large ‘cultural melting pot’ like the United States presents the challenge of embracing the Serbian core values and passing them on to our youth.


We believe that engaging them to recognize the importance of heritage, community, and our language and religion through teamwork and fellowship, church, and school will help us reach our goals.


To promote, support, and encourage successful reading, writing and speaking the Serbian language, practicing Serbian culture and the Serbian Orthodox religion:  

  • We teach through a unique mix of structured teaching and hands-on creative activities to account for different learning styles.

  • We create sensory experiences, so our children develop powerful memories.

  • We explore culture and tradition through on-site learning and field trips.

  • We ensure that every Sunday has some purposeful play, which creates a stronger bond with our church, school, and community.


 By implementing these teaching methods, we work on boosting children’s confidence in Serbian language and culture, as well as their overall confidence, which will help them continue to love who they are as individuals with their own special, unique personalities.



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